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    Season bowl   Afcfranchise bowl   Afccoach bowl   Afcscore bowl   Afcwin bowl   Nfcfranchise bowl   Nfccoach bowl   Nfcscore bowl   Nfcwin bowl   Overtime bowl  
    19942001Alan Baylis13 2016Vic Phillips20* 
    20202007Dave Flesfader16*2021Derek Dolman13  
    19922004Andy Hughes16 2016Vic Phillips20* 
    20022010Chris Hatfield17*2016Andrew Mair13  
    20042010Chris Hatfield17*2017Rob Puckett0  
    20122003Mike Parr17 2023Will Smith31* 
    20232003Jason O`Mahony20 2015Alan Milnes41* 
    19932005Andrew Harris20 2016Vic Phillips31* 
    20172007Dave Flesfader20*2024Mark Dawson17  
    19962010Chris Hatfield21 2014Paul Lancaster27*OT
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