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    Runners Up
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    League   Season   Winners   Coach   Conference   F   A   Runners Up   Coach   Conference  
    DetailsNCAA52000Navy MidshipmenRay GillhamAmerican Athletic2717Pittsburgh PanthersAlan MilnesAmerican Athletic
    DetailsNCAA52020Maryland TerrapinsPatrick LeeAtlantic Coast2216Pittsburgh PanthersAlan MilnesAmerican Athletic
    DetailsNCAA52017Army Black KnightsDominic WilliamsMountain West3128Wake Forest Demon DeaconsAndy StarkeyAtlantic Coast
    DetailsNCAA52023Army Black KnightsDominic WilliamsMountain West3836Wake Forest Demon DeaconsAndy StarkeyAtlantic Coast
    DetailsNCAA52024Georgia Tech Yellow JacketsDave FlesfaderAtlantic Coast5941Wake Forest Demon DeaconsAndy StarkeyAtlantic Coast
    DetailsNCAA52028Virginia Tech HokiesDavid TriceAtlantic Coast5434Wake Forest Demon DeaconsAndy StarkeyAtlantic Coast
    DetailsNCAA52002Army Black KnightsDominic WilliamsMountain West4822Georgia Tech Yellow
    Dave FlesfaderAtlantic Coast
    DetailsNCAA52015Navy MidshipmenRay GillhamAmerican Athletic3531Virginia Tech HokiesDavid TriceAtlantic Coast
    DetailsNCAA52025Ohio State BuckeyesGordon MilnesAmerican Athletic2928Virginia Tech HokiesDavid TriceAtlantic Coast
    DetailsNCAA52001Notre Dame Fighting IrishRob CrowtherAmerican Athletic3014Army Black KnightsDominic WilliamsMountain West
    DetailsNCAA52012Georgia Tech Yellow JacketsDave FlesfaderAtlantic Coast4120Ohio State BuckeyesGordon MilnesAmerican Athletic
    DetailsNCAA52010Pittsburgh PanthersMike Thorp-PotterAmerican Athletic2814Texas LonghornsGraham BeatonMountain West
    DetailsNCAA52011Virginia Tech HokiesDavid TriceAtlantic Coast3418Notre Dame Fighting IrishJason O`MahonyAmerican Athletic
    DetailsNCAA52021Georgia Tech Yellow JacketsDave FlesfaderAtlantic Coast3028Notre Dame Fighting IrishJason O`MahonyAmerican Athletic
    DetailsNCAA52003Army Black KnightsDominic WilliamsMountain West3016Air Force FalconsMartyn WilliamsMountain West
    DetailsNCAA52013Maryland TerrapinsPatrick LeeAtlantic Coast3428New Mexico LobosMartyn WilliamsMountain West
    DetailsNCAA52019Virginia Tech HokiesDavid TriceAtlantic Coast4037New Mexico LobosMartyn WilliamsMountain West
    DetailsNCAA52022Wake Forest Demon DeaconsAndy StarkeyAtlantic Coast3114New Mexico LobosMartyn WilliamsMountain West
    DetailsNCAA52027Virginia Tech HokiesDavid TriceAtlantic Coast3414New Mexico LobosMartyn WilliamsMountain West
    DetailsNCAA52018New Mexico LobosMartyn WilliamsMountain West2613Maryland TerrapinsPatrick LeeAtlantic Coast
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