League Summary - MLB8

The last completed Season in MLB8 is 17 and the winners were the Chicago Cubs of the NL coached by Marc Rivoira.

The NL leads World Series History with 12 victories to 5 for the AL.

The NL leads All Star Game History with 11 victories to 6 for the AL.

There have been 8 Perfect Games in MLB8 history, 1 in the Play-offs (Josh Hancock for the Blue Jays in Season 5), 6 in the regular season and 1 in a Consolation series. The Rockies and Marlins have both thrown a Perfect Game and had one thrown against them. The Braves are the only Club to have had multiple Pitchers throw Perfect Games (John Burkett in Season 9 and Randall Delgado in Season 17).

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